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If you are looking out for a suitable academic writing website, your search ends here. We promise you won’t look further than this. You shall be rewarded with satisfactory work. believes in offering supreme quality academic writing tasks and has been serving its purpose well since 2009. The writing experience and qualifications of the writers of our company are our greatest assets. The academic papers are written after an extensive review of research material available from various scholarly websites to which our company has access. The company has expertise in writing all kinds of academic writing tasks right from dissertation papers to essays. Our team of experts offers you 100% original content without any plagiarism issue. Our expert team includes the UK trained professional writers who are efficient in delivering an exceptional quality on each of the topics to enable the clients to accomplish their projects in their desired manner. Experts from various faculties carry competency in academic writing on almost every topic whether related to business, medical, technical, engineering, e-business, and several others. MBA related academic research projects are handed over to our MBA team itself. We greatly value our commitments; hence the projects undertaken are completed on time without compromising on the quality. 

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Although academic writing is regarded as a very stressful task yet it can really become the leading portion of work and even a single exceptional piece of writing is always enough to catch the attention of prospective employers. Our attempt is to help the students to accomplish every kind of academic writing such as thesis or dissertation. Our UK educated writers are well-versed with the various writing patterns and hence are highly preferred for writing dissertations, essays, books and MBA projects. We assure our clients an unmatched and original work quality with no plagiarism issue found in their produced work. Every minor instruction from the client is given due importance by our expert writer so that the paper can be framed as per the specifications of the client. The end results, therefore, are quite satisfactory. The team of expert and qualified writers enables the company to entertain orders on various topics.

Since the past 7 years, we have been serving our clients quite well and therefore the company has been able to build up its image in the world of writing. We are thankful to all our customers who have so far displayed trust on us. We have never disappointed our customers and have delivered them 100% original work, free from plagiarism and therefore till date we did not have to face any plagiarism issue from any of our customers. Our writers not only use their own knowledge for writing the papers but they also use extensive literature from the various online sources. These papers are forwarded to the customers as well, for their personal review and satisfaction. If you wish to excel and wish for some outstanding results, this is just the ultimate solution. 

 About EktaKKalra Writing Company: 

EktaKKalra is a well-known name in the arena of academic writing. We offer our clients an excellent quality services in compliance with  UK or USA standards.


Originality, innovativeness and critical academic writing are the hallmarks of EktaKKalra Writing Company which enables it to stand apart from all the other academic writing companies all over the world. 

Quality Assurance: 

We understand that those who visit us for academic writing look for an excellent opportunity! However, please do understand that academic writing is a time-consuming process requiring extensive review of hundreds of books, journals, e-journals, magazines, research papers, and other online material which may be tiring and stressful. We are an ultimate solution for those students who have been studying diligently and in a wish to score good grades in final examinations. A well-researched dissertation can definitely fulfill their dreams and here at EktaKKalra Writing Company, we can help you to fulfill them! Our UK educated writers enable us to promise you a world-class writing experience without any complaints. Our customers appreciate our work and have never failed to value the efforts and hard work that we put in while writing any single piece of work. We believe in ‘serving, not only earning’ but this has never hampered the quality of our work. Our customers initially find it hard to believe but later they have always appreciated our sincere writing efforts. We have never delivered a project with sub-standard grammar or with plagiarized content. This has been our biggest achievement till date. The quality of our work can be well compared with the top-most writing companies who offer you such services at a very high price.  You would surely be surprised with the high-quality work that we offer you at such an affordable price. 

Our customers do believe in our company and this is our biggest asset. The confidence that has been shown towards our company stimulate us to deliver them completely satisfactory work. Your satisfaction is our biggest consideration. We strongly believe in customer satisfaction.

The company offers a secure and safe online payment (PayPal) option to its customers residing in any corner of the world. For the satisfaction of our customers, we are even prepared to send our customers a sample or a portion of original content for approval so as to convince them regarding the quality of our writings. We wish to deliver satisfaction to more and more customers by each passing day and make additions in our clientele list.

Our motto has always been ‘Write Original, Right Original’, and we have never failed to live up to our motto. Since the past 7 years, the company has been serving the clients with projects specifically framed to serve their purposes. Our customers never fail to praise our unique and original work as the work always remains the one worth paying for. We always deliver an original work along with the copies of the articles used for writing the content of their paper. This enables the students and other clients to grasp the content better. 

 About EktaKKalra Writing Company:

Our long clientele from all over the world has enabled the company to stand apart from other writing companies. The company excels in offering world class content over a wide range of topics and at times even suggests the topics to their customers.