In this section, we have presented some of the questions which are frequently asked by the customers. The company takes complete responsibility related to the writing tasks done by it.

Q. What does EktaKKalra Writing Company write about?

A. EktaKKalra Writing Company is an online writing company which offers different services to its clients like dissertation writing, essay writing, conference paper writing, research proposal writing, academic writing etc.  Not only do we write content for our clients but also offer services like proofreading and editing. We cater to the needs of students as well as research scholars belonging to medical, commerce, economics, engineering, arts, or any other field.

Q. How can I contact EktaKKalra Writing Company?

A. Clients or even prospective customers are free to call us or email us. They can also send us messages through our Contact Us page. We are available to take your calls and will also instantly reply to your emails.

Q. Who are the writers for academic content produced by EktaKKalra Writing Company?

A. The company hires qualified and well-experienced writers from different fields like commerce, engineering, medicine, etc. for writing academic essays on different subjects. These writers strictly focus on presenting high quality and unique content to the customers as per their requirements and instructions.

Please note: Our writers are mostly the UK educated and have online access to foreign libraries and journals.

Q. Your company is an Indian company. What makes you claim that your company can write content better than an English writing firm?

A. Our team of writers includes several experts from different fields who are efficient in writing content in English (as writers with second-language as English).

Q. Who are the clients of your company?

A. Our company till date has worked for more than 1,000 students who belonged to different native English as well as the non-native / Non-English background. 

Q. Is the content that you present to the customers completely original and unique?

A. Yes, definitely! Prior to delivering the written material to our customers, all the content passes through the plagiarism test (Grammarly.com) within the company. This helps to ensure the originality of the written work. Although our writers are fully dedicated to come up with an original piece of work, yet such plagiarism tests help to further ensure originality of the content and eliminates even the slight margin of error. The company so far has never been involved in any plagiarism issue.

Q. The information you use for writing your paper is obtained from other sources, so how can you claim that your content is original and unique?

A. Indeed! We do obtain information related to the paper from several other sources of which online sources play the most important role. However, care is taken to present it in a unique and interesting manner. The papers are properly cited or referenced. This does not result in any plagiarism. The clients are also free to provide data which they wish to be utilized while writing their papers.

Q. Can I claim the content written by you as my original work?

A. Yes, definitely! You can! You have the exclusive copyright of the content immediately after you make the payment and we forward you the document. Once, we have handed over the paper and the other documents to you and received the payment, thereafter the company will not make any claim on the paper. Now, it is completely your own. You are free to change it or modify it as per your needs.

We do not use such papers as even samples to impress our prospective customers. If a customer wishes for some sample work, we simply request him to offer us a chance for writing a couple of sample pages for him. This can enable him to decide the quality of our work and also give him an idea about how his paper will be written. It will act as a first-hand proof of our good work.

Q. Do you hire native English writers for writing the papers?

A. No, most of our writers are non-native/non-English. But yes, all of them have a good command of the English language. All the writers are tested for their English skills before an appointment. We strongly believe that it is important to possess writing abilities instead of being a mere native English writer. Since the past few years, our writers have been writing papers in English language and therefore language is no longer a constraint for them. Language is no doubt a powerful tool of expressing one's thoughts but being a native English person does not always ensure a high-quality essay work.

Q. How will the company help me in case I feel dissatisfied with the work?

A. We send you regular updates on your projects. We regularly email you and also update you about the latest additions done in your project. This ensures that you are always updated about your project’s  progress. At the same time, you can also review your project and express your dissatisfaction over the section which you wish to be improved or rewritten. This also helps the writers to understand your requirements and prevents them from committing the same mistakes again. Hence, we suggest our clients to go through the project as it progresses and provide their feedback on it. This will enable the writers to keep their projects on the right track.

Q. Can I submit the research paper written by your company to my university?

A. The work will be 100% original. It is a model answer paper. You can use it to write your own paper. Again, though the work will be 100% original, we recommend using it as a model answer paper. 

Q. How much time is required for completing a research article?

A. This generally depends on the time needed for conducting the research on the topic for which the paper needs to be compiled. The academic requirement of the paper is also a decisive criterion. It depends on the size and complexity of the project as well. However, the customers are informed about an estimated time frame that would be required for completing their projects in the beginning itself. In case the project is an urgent one, the company may consider it on a priority basis and reduce the turnaround time.

Q. Does your company write academic content for the PhD students?

A. A good content writer is a skilled researcher and he is always prepared to learn about new things. From our past experiences, our writers have written content on diverse topics and have gathered plenty of experience to write on complicated topics as well.

Q. Do you charge extra money for revisions?

A. In the case of minor revisions, we do not charge any money. But in the case of major revisions, because wrong or incomplete information was initially offered by the customers, we do charge them. However, if the mistakes are due to our misunderstandings or oversight, we completely take up responsibility and rewrite the content until you are satisfied.

Q. How do clients make their payments?

A. We accept payments through PayPal as it is a highly safe and secure payment system.

Q. Do you insist your clients upon making an advance payment?

A.  We do not insist upon a big advance payment. But we direct our customers to make payment based on the urgency of their work or the level of progress desired on their work. It is a progressive payment system. You pay as the project moves forward. You may pay for just one page and then the work will move forward depending on the amount paid. Unlike other academic writing companies, we do not insist on hefty advance payments. Pay a minute advance to test our skills and accordingly your work will progress. However, it is an advance payment system that is followed by us.


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